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We thank our military, past and present.  In appreciation, we are proud to offer these military personnel with discounts.

Please contact us for details.


Dear Lord,

There's a young man or woman far from home, called to serve their nation in time of war; sent to defend our freedom on some distant foreign shore. We pray You keep them safe, we pray You keep them strong, we pray You send them safely home ... for they've been away so long. Bless those who await their safe return and those who mourn the lost. Bless those who serve this country well, no matter what the cost.

God, Bless America!

Special discounts for our armed forces past and present.

We have 4,159 blueberrie plants on 7 acres .
Certified Organic Blueberries
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We offer grass-fed beef, whose health benefits
vs  feed lot grain-fed beef are well documented.
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Directions to Visit Us:

Take the I-10  exit, then  Menge Road north (Firetower) exactly 1/2 mile to blinking light. Go right (Lobouy Road) exactly 1 mile to the stop sign (Dubuission Road). Go right and stay to right 2 miles to the end of the road.  Sand road right 150 yards....you can only go left . There will be signs.

Learn more about natural food products at www.eatwild.com.


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